Suspected thief forced to sell stolen yams in market

Suspected thief forced to sell stolen yams in market
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Suspected thief forced to sell stolen yams in market

A suspected thief had an exhausting day after being caught stealing yams.

As punishment, he was tied to a rope, forced to carry the stolen yams in a head pan, and made to sell them at the market.

Eyewitnesses reported that the suspected thief was caught and made to carry the stolen yams in a head pan while tied to a rope.

He was then paraded around the market and forced to sell the yams, with orders to return the earnings to the rightful owner.

A video of the incident shows a man questioning the thief’s actions, saying, “Why did you have to steal the yam?”

The unusual punishment has sparked varied reactions on social media:

KNUST ZADDY (@SolomonAbugah) believes that selling the yams is too lenient and suggests a harsher punishment: “Selling isn’t anything difficult; he should be made to work on the yam farm.”

الآنGOMEZيتبع(@ooomycota_) finds humor in the situation, mocking the thief by exaggerating the value of the stolen yams: “He steal pona 80 million 😂😂😂”

GUYGUY💎(@CobbyBillioN) empathizes with the thief, arguing that his actions were driven by hunger and comparing the situation to a biblical story: “He was hungry, he only stole food items. They should free him. The disciples of Jesus stole corn and went scot-free.”

ONMYWORD..(@kobbyreallex) criticizes the socio-economic conditions that may have led to the theft, blaming poor leadership for the high cost of food: “If not for poor leadership, why would yam be so expensive like this?”

These reactions highlight a range of perspectives, from calls for harsher punishment to empathy and social critique.

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