Terrorist who killed German cop wakes from coma – & says he has ‘no regrets’ over knife attack caught on YouTube stream

<div>Terrorist who killed German cop wakes from coma – & says he has ‘no regrets’ over knife attack caught on YouTube stream</div>
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THE terrorist who killed a German cop during a frenzied knife attack last month says he has “no regrets” as he wakes up from his induced coma.

Sulaiman Ataee, 25, savagely assaulted 29-year-old officer Rouven Laur at the Mannheim anti-Islam rally on May 31 by stabbing him in the head and neck multiple times.


Radical Islamist Sulaiman Ataee, 25, brandishing a knife during his violent attack last month[/caption]


Shocking vid of the stabbing attack at Mannheim anti-Islam rally captures the moment Ataee is swarmed by police[/caption]


German police officer Rouven Laur, 29, was killed during the attack[/caption]

Horrifying footage captured on a YouTube livestream showed Ataee brandishing a huge knife before lunging at far-right activist Michael Stürzenberger and four bystanders before targeting Lauer.

The hero cop was immediately taken to hospital for emergency surgery as doctors desperately battled to save his life – but he was pronounced dead two days later.

As for Ataee, footage appeared to show him being neutralised by cops with firearms.

Despite BILD initially reporting he was dead, it was thought that Ataee remained alive.

The German outlet has now confirmed the Afghan has been in a coma in the Theresienkrankenhaus hospital in Mannheim since the attack.

An insider claims that Ataee has now awoken, however, and is being “very rude” to staff and shows no remorse for his actions.

The insider told BILD: “He does not appear to regret his actions.

“He is very rude to the staff and demands to be discharged from the hospital.”

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The Islamist is also said to be suffering from leg paralysis caused by surgery to remove a police bullet – and it is a miracle he is still alive.

The insider said: “Even after he was brought out of the artificial coma, he could no longer feel his left leg.

“His leg was probably injured during the difficult operation to remove the police bullet from his abdominal aorta. But it is a miracle that the doctors managed this dangerous operation so well.”

Ataee is believed to still be in intensive care but it is unknown what will happen to him now that he is awake.

For now, he is being guarded around the clock by two police officers.

Just a few days after the cowardly attack, The Federal Prosecutor’s Office took over the investigation.

They have now concluded that Ataee was a radical lone perpetrator, BILD report, and that he resorted to massive violence, presumably to prevent criticism of Islam.

The Islamist came to Germany from Afghanistan in 2015 and most recently lived with his wife and two children in Heppenheim.

One of his horrified neighbours described Ataee as becoming “radicalised” over the last few months.

They told MailOnline: “He used to be normal. Recently, about a year ago, I noticed that he had changed.

“He was helpful before, then suddenly he turned cold. He suddenly became more reserved – and also more aggressive.”


Far-right activist Michael Stuerzenberger was hospitalised after being stabbed in the attack[/caption]


The scene of the crime following the horror show[/caption]

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German police officers take off their caps in Mannheim Germany two days after the death of hero cop Lauer[/caption]


Candles, flowers and a piece of paper with the inscription “Against Terror” stand at the scene of the crime[/caption]


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