Who is Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte Marie-Claude? Meet the French President’s first lady

Who is Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte Marie-Claude? Meet the French President’s first lady
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FIRST Lady Brigitte Macron stands by her husband amid political turbulence.

With Emmanuel Macron calling for a snap election after a major EU election defeat, we take a closer look at the 71-year-old who’s 25 years his senior and always in the spotlight.

As France prepares to welcome the world for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, all eyes are not just on President Emmanuel Macron but also on his much older wife, Brigitte Macron. The 71-year-old First Lady, who is a staggering 25 years his senior.

Macron dissolved the National Assembly, calling for a snap election
Wife Brigitte Marie-Claude Macron, 25 years his senior, stands besides him

Who is Brigitte Macron?

Brigitte Macron née Trogneux is the daughter of Jean and his wife Simone.

She is the youngest of her five siblings Jean-Michel, Monique, Annie, Maryvonne and Jean-Claude.

The wealthy family owns a famous French chocolate-making empire, Trogneux Chocolaterie.

In June 1974, Trogneux married the banker André-Louis Auzière and the couple had three children together before their 2006 divorce.

Brigitte Macron photographed with ex-husband André-Louis Auzière.

She hit headlines in July of 2017 when former US President Donald Trump described her as being in “great shape” during his visit to Paris.

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How did Emmanuel Macron meet Brigitte?

Emmanuel Macron, the leader of the political party En Marche! and the youngest president in France’s history, met his future wife when he was just 15 years old.

Macron was Brigitte’s drama student in school – where she would read his speeches out to the class.

When Macron hit the limelight, footage of the teen kissing his much older, married teacher emerged.

Macron, now 46, shared a classroom at a Catholic school with Brigitte’s daughter Laurence – who is the same age as him.

According to Reuters, Macron’s parents were stunned when they learned that their son was romantically involved with his teacher as they believed he was actually in love with Laurence.

Writer Anne Fulda, who penned the book Emmanuel Macron: A Perfect Young Man, spoke to the politician’s parents about the unconventional romance, which happened while Brigitte was still married to the father of her three children.

His parents were shocked by the explosive revelation and removed their teen son from the school in Amiens.

Macrons was sent to finish his education in Paris.

Macron is the step-dad to his wife’s three adult children

When did Trogneux and Macron get married?

A year after her divorce with Auzière, Macron and Bridgette married.

The former economics minister is step-father to his wife’s three adult children, Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, Tiphaine and Sébastien Auzière who is two years older than Macron.

Macron does not have any biological children with his wife, although he is also the step-grandfather of Brigitte’s seven grandchildren.

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Brigitte Macron and her daughter Tiphaine Auziere leave a polling station together.


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